Straydogs #6: Sexism

85 % of women in the UK between 18-25 years have encountered sexual harassment in public spaces. This edition of The Straydogs tells the stories behind the figure, and examines everyday sexism.

On this show: Should you attack back or keep your eyes to the ground? And is sexual harassment towards women such a widespread problem? We ask End Violence Against Women.

Immigration rules are written by men and for men, argues Zoe Gardener from Asylum Aid. Also we ask her if Europe faces a ‘man problem’ as majority of immigrants are men?

Word on the street: What do London’s boys and girls say?

Bits and bobs

  • Top 5 most sexist moments in world politics
  • What men are really saying when catcalling women
  • Why men can also be victims of sexism

That and much more, all glazed in 14 groovy tracks that are either downright sexist or dealing with the subject. Go on then, let’s hear it.

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