Top 5: City and nature-merges

For Straydogs’ radio show on London Fields Radio, we have found some incredible ways city and nature has been merged around the world. Why do city-dwellers need nature and how Mother Earth do you get it in London? Come join us and special guests from 10 am-12 for the recording of a nature-in-the-city special at Wilton Way Café, 63 Wilton Way, London, UK E8 1BS.

5. Namba Parks, Osaka, Japan

Namba Parks spans eight levels of a 30-story office tower and mall. It’s an urban oasis with terraces, a narrow central canyon, vegetable gardens, waterfalls and rock clusters.


4.Cheonggyecheon Public Park, Seuol, South Korea

In Seuol, a freeway causing massive traffic congestion was restored as a public park. Nature versus city – one nil.


3. Superkilen, Copenhagen, Denmark

750 metres (2460 feet) along either side of a public cycle track spanning three main areas: a red square for recreation, a black market for hanging out around a barbeque grill and a green park for a total of 108 plants. It’s multi-ethnic too: The park includes swings from Iraq, benches from Brazil, a fountain from Morocco. And from England? Litter bins.


2. Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain

Partly a property speculation, partly a living essay on Catalan culture, partly a reference to the belief that the Garden of Eden was located in the region. The eyes wander over a blurred mixture of construction and nature – the only clear focal points being rustique decorations of broken ceramics.


1. High Line, New York, USA

Form an orderly queue! People walk side-by-side through Piet Oudolf’s ingenious restoration of the self-seeded wilderness that originally grew on the abandoned railway viaduct on which the High Line is made. It’s been copied many times around the world – but in vain, of course. Nature is unique – and per definition not to be copied.


Take a walk on the wild side with Radio Straydogs #2 on nature in the city.

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