Straydogs’ first radio show

Here it is. The Straydogs’ first show, recorded 2 April 2016 at London Fields Radio, Wilton Way Cafe in Hackney. The show features music and a specific topic of the day covered through interviews with live guests, audience involvement and scientific trivia. The topic of this first show is collectors. We have Mattie Faint, who collects clown artefacts, in the studio. We present the top 5 craziest collections in the world, have a competition among the audience, scientific data, fun facts and of course great music.

Pictures from the show

Clown eggs:


19th century clown figure that once had a sound effect (the one on the left, you fool!):


Clown eggs and Mattie Faint, collector, professional clown and our guest on the show:


Clown thimbles at the Clown Gallery and Museum:


Old book by Dickens:


Need we say more?



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