Top 5: Crazy collectors

For Straydogs’ radio show on London Fields Radio, we compiled a list of some of the most incredible collectors in the world. Curious about collectors and what makes them tick? Come join us and special guests from 10 am-12 for the recording of a collector special at Wilton Way Café, 63 Wilton Way, London, UK E8 1BS

5. Pizza boxes


Scott Wiener, who owns a company taking tourists to “Points of Pizza Interest” in New York City, has 600 boxes from 42 countries neatly broken down and stacked in his New York apartment. Where: New York, New York, USA.

4. Sneakers


Jordan Michael Geller’s Shoezeum is a shrine to Nike that includes one of every model of Air Jordans ever made. He has more than 2,600 pairs of sneakers (trainers, in Britspeak). Michael Jordan would be proud. (I’m wondering: did the collector’s name inspire him? Or did he change his name in honour of his collection???) Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

3. All things beaver-related

Talk about corporate spirit. Betty Davis, who works for the Beaver Medical Group, has gathered 608 pieces of beaver-related memorabilia. She is the company’s Director of Historic Assets. Where: Redlands, California, USA.

2. Love Dolls


Creepiest for last – and he’s a Brit… Mechanic, father-of-two Bob Gibbins has a harem of 240 rubber, silicone and inflatable love dolls, valued at more than £100,000. Creepier still, fellow collectors call Bob “The Hugh Hefner of the Love Doll World.” And even creepier still: he collects them with his wife Elizabeth. Who gets which bedroom at night, I wonder… Where: Madley, Herefordshire, England.

1. Sick Bags


Over more than 40 years of collecting, seventy-something Niek Vermeulen has accumulated 6,016 sick bags from 1,142 different airlines in 160 countries. Let’s hope none of them have been used… Where: Wormerveer, Holland.

We made the list based on terripaddock’s collection of crazy collectors.


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